Updating mygig

Chrysler introduced the My Gig head units in 2007, and at the time they were among the most advanced decks you could get in a new vehicle.With DVD playback, navigation, Sirius satellite radio, and even a hard drive to store music on, the My Gig was Chrysler's answer to the growing problem of keeping their customers happy with the stock entertainment system in their new vehicle. Some were built by Harman-Becker, some by Mitsubishi (Sircodyatl wrote that if the icon with a face is on the right side, it’s made by Harman; if it’s on the top left, it’s made by Mitsubishi).Each crash puts your firmware at risk of corruption that you can't fix.If your My Gig System begins to Restart-Continuously following a crashed update, see this page for a diagnostic test to determine if the constant-restart is caused by a firmware problem or a hard drive problem.Always drive safely." is the feature-packed navigation, entertainment and communication system that lets drivers live their lives, connected.The award-winning system takes a bunch of great features and drops them into an elegant and customizable 8.4-inch touchscreen. In order to identify if you need a software update, please enter all 17 digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) below.There is no charge for this :)Below is a demonstration of how to install the CD and update the MYGIG radio.

There are several flavors of My Gig units out there. Also known as the “Media Center 430,” there were two versions of this deck produced: one with a Sirius tuner, one without. [Sircodyatl wrote that the REN is an RER unit without navigation.] Photos of the Media Center 430 / 430N include other versions, particularly the RHB, which came out in 2010.Please read all of the Instructions and Warnings below to reduce the chance of damaging your system.Use burning software that works Don't update over a bad hard drive My Gig Application Updates can corrupt your system's firmware leaving it permanently inoperative.Attempting to install updates over a failing hard drive increases the risk of damaging your system.CHECK YOUR SYSTEM until you have fixed the hard drive problem.SOX is the My Gig Guru you see providing expert help on many of the automotive forums.


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