Problems updating amd drivers

So I waited for half an hour but still nothing happened. Now I restarted it to backup some files to be sure, and now all looks fine..

My laptop's config: Laptop mode: Acer Travel Mate TMP645-MG-9419OS: Windows 10 Professional 64 bit GPU: Radeon HD 8750MThe first attempt I merely attempted to upgrade the graphic driver from the 16.7.3 version (I think), and that caused the laptop to hard lock.

It completely froze the laptop halfway through the installation and the OS would no longer respond to any keyboard inputs, including alt-ctrl-del.

When I force power down the laptop and restart it, a black screen appeared during the boot process and nothing else happened.

Note: This driver is not intended for use on AMD Radeon products running in Apple Boot Camp platforms.

Users of these platforms should contact their system manufacturer for driver support.

​AMD APU Product Family Compatibility Compatible Operating Systems: Radeon Software Crimson Re Live Edition is designed to support the following Microsoft Windows platforms.

Operating System support may vary depending on your specific AMD Radeon product.

I came back and the screen was black but the PC still running. Moreover, if I uninstall the drivers so it only says VGA drivers I still get all the crashes. When restarting it did an integrity check of the files but even during that around 30% the screen turns into colored bars and stripes. Forcefully restarting the laptop still renders the black screen.Advanced Micro Devices, or AMD is launching an update for its Radeon graphics drivers that will help PC gamers enjoy more power-efficient gameplay during the holiday season.The 16.7.3 driver was corrupted afterwards and apparently had parts of the 16.12.1 driver.Before the 2nd installation process attempt, I ran DDU in safe mode.When I attempt to install the Radeon Crimson Re Live 16.12.1 driver, it froze the laptop again.


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