I was checking my myspace this morning and I noticed this site in the google advertisement list above my bulletin board.

apparently its supposed to be for homo thugs (to which DMX shows no love), but it looks like mostly white guys use it who are LOOKING for gay gangstas.

The premium features are priced lower than competing apps, because we want everyone to enjoy the full features of the app at an affordable price.

Several groups are designed to reflect on my shoulders, and a little different it’s."I've used other apps and there is none specifically catered to the black community or down low black men.That's where I got the idea to create "On The Low." It is a truly unique and different type of app" It will be available for free upon it's launch.The hordes will of course vote for the leftists claiming wealth redistribution as otherwise they will not be able to feed themselves or their spawn and this will continue until nobody who works has any income left to spend.Anarchy will result, the do-nothing hordes will perish, and the cycle of civilization will start anew in the wasteland! Did he revolt against the Portuguese in Mozambique, did he overthrow the emperor of Ethiopia and starve his country, or is he merely a Black Lives Matter communist who changed his name to “Vuh La De Meer” for a more unique, African-American blaque take on Lenin?Google hopes ethno-religious multiculturalism in the Jewish state for the Israeli Arabs and Palestinians; policies that have spectacularly failed in other Occidental nations such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, France, and Australia.


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