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Be ready that some of that Moldovan beauties could conquer your heart and long-term relations that would lead to the marriage are what you may expect.If you started to look up for girls from Moldova and decided to visit the country, it is the best to start search in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.Economics and matherial issues are very important in everything that concerns Moldova.Moldova is the most poor country in the whole Europe.

The country is ethnic Romanian with a good number of Russians as well. The CIA report lists Moldova as the poorest country in Europa and one of the poorest on the planet, save for the African dumpsters. They are a little slow to warm up to you, but given the way they drink (like fish), it doesn't take long to get it going. There is a party most every night and the clubs are filled with smoking hot women. I'm getting ripped off on a shit apartment that I rented through a busted up English idiot who has been here for 5 years and doesn't know much. He's passable looking and has a beautiful girlfriend.

The country has some special mixture of Romanian, Ukrainian with the influence of Russian.

Country is poor and many girls would like to escape Moldova.

The result is a large black market and with an agrarian base. A lot of men in black leather jackets and beefy guys with a swagger standing next to BMWs on the mobile phones, while the majority of the population has subsistence wages.

I love to write highly of Eastern European countries but with this tiny land, I would say it is safe for normal travel, but to start a business or trade, handshakes and bribes are everyday life.


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