Cheerleader dating football players

So the question isn't, "Do you want to date a professional cheerleader? No easy task, let me tell you—these girls are bombarded with male attention everywhere they go.But I got the inside scoop of the tips were personally provided.These are achievement oriented people who are willing to work. Also included in the class were two defensive linemen, one quarterback, one running back, one linebacker, and one defensive back.

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So enjoy the fruits of my labor and these 20 tips on how to score a date with a professional cheerleader. Name: Stormi, Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Facebook: Titans Cheerleader Stormi Says: Don't even think about trying to show her up in the cheerleading department.Earlier this month, Raiders' cheerleaders made headlines when one Raiderette filed a class-action lawsuit against the franchise.Alleging unfair labor practices, the suit is a pretty bold move in an industry where being an NFL cheerleader is often treated as a reward in itself (payment should apparently pale in comparison to the glory of shaking T&A at football fans).Here are 5 Surprises: Just because they were on the squad last year, veteran DCC members must audition again this year.They never automatically keep their spot on the squad.Cheerleaders can be polarizing—most people seems to love them or hate them. Perhaps some lingering high school resentment of a few nasty girls who wouldn't give a certain someone (you) the time of day? The fact is, the cheerleaders at your high school probably terrible. That's probably why there's not a single guy in my entire life that would turn down a date with one.


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