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Single parents are used to caring for their children on alone, which more than likely consumes much of their time.Losing that role in life can be a bitter pill to swallow.While our adventure and activity holidays are popular with all kinds of families, the formula of travelling in a small group works especially well for single parent families.Our informal, easy-going style of travel makes it easy for friendships to blossom among children and adults alike.Many single parents will offer to do their children's laundry, make and drop off meals and otherwise remain a constant in their lives, more for the parent's benefit than the child's.Having a partner to lean on when your children leave the home helps parents to avoid the depression that sometimes accompanies empty nest syndrome.With the promise of travelling in a relaxed and welcoming group of like-minded, adventure-seeking families, why not make this the year to join one of our tours and experience all the adventures and activities the world has to offer?In our experience parents and children alike love the buzz of travelling together as a family and also as a small group, perhaps making lasting friendships along the way.

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We've organised around 25,000 events that’s a whopping 300,000 happy customers.

we even go as far as collecting the money off your guests with our easy to use on-line planning tool!

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It’s also a relief to have the activities, adventures, excursions, meals and so on arranged for you, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your children permanently organised and entertained.

The ease with which all families settle into the group is very much part of the Explore experience, and an important reason why so many choose to come back year after year.


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